Monday, September 20, 2010

Surgery Day

Surgery’s scheduled for 10- please keep Piper in your prayers this  morning.  Hopefully, if their plan works, it should be a relatively quick procedure.

If it doesn’t work, the cardio-thoracic surgeon will move her aorta and place in a different spot on her heart to see if it helps. 

We’re praying that we can stay clear from altering her little heart; the open chest is enough for us to worry about!

We’ll be spending at least tonight in the Cardiac ICU.  We’re hoping to get a place to sleep here at the hospital while she’s in that unit since we can’t stay in the room with her. 

Seems like one of the biggest worries everyone has is how she’s going to handle another intubation.  We’re praying that fixing this will make her airway strong enough to handle it.

I’m horrified, feeling guilty, anxious, exhausted…  And can’t wait for this to be over!


  1. You are in our thoughts and prayers today. You have such a little fighter on your hands and we know she's not gonna let this get her down for very long. Let us know how things go...

  2. Hugs Aimee, I'll be thinking of you and praying for little Piper.

  3. Oh Aimee, I have no words. Please know that you are in our thoughts today (as always)! We love you all and please let us know if there is ANYTHING you need.

  4. Praying for little Piper and I'll be anxiously waiting for update.

  5. We are definitely holding you all up in prayer. Hope it is over and she did amazingly well.

  6. so sending HUGE STRONG vibes your way...and to all that will be helping Piper and you...smiles