Friday, September 24, 2010


Oh, Lordy, have I had my hands full today!

Piper was SO excited to wake up in her own bed this morning (after sleeping for almost 12 hours straight, mind you).  And she never. stopped. moving.  All day long!

I was getting her breakfast ready, turned around, couldn’t find her.  Walked down the hallway to find this:P1080224

She was pulling all the clean clothes out and throwing them across the floor.  Thanks for the help.

I got her in her high chair and fed her breakfast.  She wasn’t a huge fan of cereal this morning, so only ate about half of it.  I got up to get a washrag to clean off her face, and as soon as I turned my back, she pulled the glass bowl off the table.  It shattered all over the floor.  And it was half full of cereal still.  So I left her in her seat (which she repeatedly informed me she was not enjoying), picked up the big pieces of glass by hand, mopped up the cereal, and then vacuumed the area to make sure all the shards were up.  Then put her back on the floor.

I finished cleaning up, turned around and saw this:P1080217

She was going between her different spots of toys and pulling everything down or out of where they were stored.  She played with each one for a second, put it down, and got another.  It was like she was saying “Oh, my toys!  How I missed you!!!”

Once she got tired of that (for the time being), she found the coat closet.  And all the gardening gloves and shoes that are kept there.P1080222

About this time, I was exhausted, and decided it was time for a nap.  She, however, not so politely disagreed.  After the fight to get her nasal cannula on (lemme tell ya how much fun this is…), I tried for a good while to get her to go to sleep.  I even tried putting her in my bed.  No go.  Off went the cannula, and she was off tearing my house apart.  Again.

We ate some lunch, and she played some more.  FINALLY around 1:30, she got tired enough for me to get her down for a nap (after another fight with the cannula). 

She got up a couple hours later, and I decided that, in order to keep my sanity, we’d go for a walk around the neighborhood.  She screamed in excitement.  I put her on the grass in the front yard so that I could get her stroller out and set up.  She crawled across the cement, on her hands and knees, to come get me.  Silly girl.  Good thing she picks up her knees when she crawls, and doesn’t scrape them too much. 

She talked to the bunnies we saw on the way, waved at dogs, and watched intently as she was initiated back into the real world again. 

By the end, she was really relaxed.  Really relaxed…P1080231

Sweet, sweet sleeping baby. 


  1. Oh my! What a handful that cute little Piper can be! She is just so adorable though!!!!

  2. Looks like Piper is holding up just fine. Wondering how tired mommy is right now......

  3. wow, i thought rachel was keeping me busy today.

  4. So glad she is feeling so much better that she can get into trouble. Sorry you are having to clean up in her path.
    Love the last pic...just couldn't stay awake one second longer.

  5. welcome home! Love the stroller pictures =)

  6. She sure looks happy to be home!!LOL So glad she is feeling better.