Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In pursuit

The weather is (finally) starting to cool down here.  One thing that does mean is that the number of weekends available for dog baths is quickly dwindling.

It’s not my husbands favorite weekend pasttime.

But apparently it’s becoming one of Piper’s. 

P1070754She heard the bath water running, and flew down the hallway.  Screaming to make sure that her father didn’t start without her.

And much to the embarrassment of the dogs, and frustration of her dad, she “helped” (for the 2.5 seconds before the likelihood of the dogs jumping out of the tub, soaking wet and covered in shampoo, was higher than the level of fun Piper was having). 

P1070757I’m pretty sure Piper was asking if she could get in with the dogs.  You can see how well that request worked out for her.  You can also see Maggie begging for me to not post pictures of her in the bathtub.  She’s a very modest dog.


  1. piper can wash our dog, dizzy. he's just the right size and he doesn't mind baths!

  2. Piper, you could have helped wash Stitch last night! She rolled in something SMELLY and Grandpa and she had a meeting in the claw footed bathtub! I KNOW he would have appreciated your help!

  3. Oh Piper you come to our house you can definitely have doggie washing duty all to yourself. =)