Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rest of the Story

It’s after 9 now.  That means that I’ve spent the last five hours trying to calm down my child who’s hyped up on drugs, in pain, exhausted, and STARVING. 

Yeah, it’s been GREAT fun.

She was FINALLY able to eat after 7 tonight, at which point she screamed every time I tried to skooch the plate away from her (after an HOUR of eating).  She ate a BIG serving of macaroni and cheese, a cup of canned pears, a half a cheese quesadilla, and a cup of ice cream (of course).  Plus milk.  When she finally started eating, it was the first time she stopped crying all afternoon. 

She looked at us with the face of “And WHY has it taken you SO STINKIN’ LONG TO FIGURE THIS OUT???”. 

We’ve walked the halls of this part of the hospital more times than I can count as we waited for The Magic Hour to come when she could eat.  And of course, that meant that WE couldn’t eat until then (okay, after then), either.

She’s finally asleep now (alleluia), but we’ll see how long that lasts (can you sense my tears???).

The best part of the whole thing?

We get to do it all again tomorrow.

She has to be NPO for the MRA (the scan that’ll look to see if it’s really a vessel surrounding her windpipe) tomorrow, too, which is scheduled for noon.  So, she can have something to eat at 4am, and that’s it until after the test and recovery.  Gre-e-e-eat.

BUT, we did have one last bit of GREAT news- her ABR (the hearing test) came back PERFECT- NO hearing loss!!!  NONE!!!  I’m really, really glad.  I really doubted that she could have a loss in the midrange because she listens so well and follows directions.  But I kept preparing myself that she could have issues in the lower and higher tones, because it’s a lot harder to figure out what she is and isn’t hearing there.  But now, we don’t even have to worry about it!!!  WOOHOO!!!

I have no idea how long the MRA is supposed to take.  But hopefully by early afternoon tomorrow we have a better idea of what’s ahead of us. 

For now, I’m going to go and put on my comfy clothes, which I’m so glad I brought, and watch a movie.  With my mom- ‘cause we’re going to have a three-generation slumber party tonight.


  1. Oh sounds like you are having all that hospital fun!! I am thinking about you!! I know how hard it is to entertain little ones in the hospital. Looks like she is hooked up to monitors as well. That is always a plus. Hoping tomorrow goes quick!!

  2. Have such a good slumber party...I'll be thinking of you every time a monitor beeps. :o) Anxious to hear tomorrow's results and so glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets the stink eye from their toddler. I swear, if she had the articulation skills to utter more than dah, dah, dah LC would have asked to see my credentials a LONG time ago...

  3. Sending a good nights rest and some LOVE.

  4. Being in the hospital with your little one is the worst! Hated every single minute of it when my son was hospitalized! Glad that you all are finally getting some answers, though. Hope that the MRA goes smoothly for you.

  5. Oh my goodness...I think Emily would really start not to like me if I withheld food from her for that long! Poor Piper! Anxiously waiting to hear the results. Hope the day goes by super fast.

  6. WoWsa!! I am thinking of you all...hugs and kisses from the Maddie...good vibes your way! smiles

  7. Thinking about you all Aimee! Just wanted to send virtual hugs.