Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub Piper’s in the Tub!

I finally got to shower yesterday- You always forget how great something feels until you go a couple days.
Piper remembered, too.

Sort of.

Some of the rooms on this floor have showers, and some have bathtubs.  Ours is a shower room, which is fine for me.  Not so great for The Kid. 

So yesterday, our CA volunteered (!!!) to let Piper have a bath.  I figured it’d feel great to her, too!
They put that Press-‘n’-Seal suran wrap over her IV, and brought in a little bucket to set her in.  For the record?  I’m pretty sure that not many 16-month-olds have been given submersion baths in those teeny tubs.

Of course, she would have had MORE fun in a big bathtub where she could splash and play and stand and move and wriggle, but it was better than nothin’. 

Interested, but not too sure…

Her trying to decide if it was really a good idea or not.

Deciding it’s not too bad- I mean, really- having three people awing over you?  Life isn’t too bad…

Brrrr- she was chilly when she was done.  What a bummer that we had to have some serious cuddle time to warm her up! 

They’re going to let us use the big burn treatment tubs tomorrow to give her a really good wash down before Monday- it’ll make me feel better to send her into surgery nice and clean.     

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  1. I've been so behind on reading blogs lately that I didn't realize Piper had so much stuff going on right now. I'll be thinking of you all and checking for updates!