Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping trip with the boys

Yes, that’s right.  The boys.

Unfortunately, that meant shopping at the camping/outdoor supercenter that just opened up. 

And when you have a former Marine for a dad, and an uncle who used to be in the Navy, you can bet that a substantial amount of time will be spent in the military supply section.

Piper tried her very hardest to convince them that camouflage is just not her color.  She humored them for a few minutes… P1060640


…and then it started going downhill.  Quickly.P1060646

Piper didn’t care if it was a Marine cover.  She did not did not did not

The level of dissatisfaction that was reached at this point could only by cured by:P1060651

P1060648 Yup- pink cowgirl boots.  Pink cowgirl boots.  Too bad they started at size 5.  Her feet fit into the ankle holes, but she was happy enough to just play dress up for a minute.  Besides, playing dress up with Uncle Justin and Daddy is enough to make any little girl happy (even if she had been thrown into a pile of sea bags not five minutes before).

Next came sunglasses:P1060652 …which stayed on precisely as long as it took to take this picture…

And bitty chairs:P1060666 

End the evening with a lounge on a hammock, and you’ve got yourself a fun trip!P1060668


Piper’s learning early that shopping is good.  It doesn’t matter where, shopping is just plain good.


  1. I agree with Piper, camo is not a girl's best friend in the fashion department :)

  2. Love the pink cowboy boots. Hope daddy bought them for you for later.

  3. That was a really fun date! Justin still thinks Piper should go back to ride the vintage motorcycle.