Monday, July 26, 2010


We made a discovery this weekend.

A BIG discovery.

We found out that Piper loves, no, LOVES water features.

She walked all around this place over and over and over getting in and out of the water spouts.  And singing at them as we went. 

It was pretty toasty outside, and the water wasn’t frigidly cold, so it felt really good, too.

We both were soaked by the end.

Well worth it.  Totally well worth it.


P1060967 P1060969


Joy.  Pure joy.


  1. She looks like she's having a blast!! There's one of these at the mall in Loveland and I wished Claire was bigger so I could take her in it. Next year though!

    Did you get my email? It seems like responding to blogger comment emails is hit and miss some times. If not, let me know and I'll resend, by passing blogger.

  2. She's so cute - love that last picture! And I can't believe (meaning I'm so jealous) that she's walking holding your hands. That is so awesome.

  3. Where is this fountian??? Bailey and I want to go play in the water!!!

  4. Oh my! I finally have some perspective of just how tiny she is! It looks like she had a ball!