Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Perspectives

July 4th was always about burgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, and fire works.  I always liked the fourth- it just feels like society is different for this holiday.  More cohesive…  more of a community.

When we found out I was pregnant, we were given a due date of July 4th.  Everyone kept saying that we were going to have a firecracker baby.  And once she started kicking and moving around, I was afraid they were right. 

However…  our little firecracker had plans of her own. 

Piper came home from the hospital on June 29, her 7 week birthday.  The fourth was her first official holiday, and since it was supposed to be her due date, and because she was finally home, we had a “big” (big for us, anyway, seeing as Piper really wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything or be around anyone) get-together with my parents, grandparents, and brother and sister-in-law. 

I bought a little First Fourth of July outfit (complete with socks) before she was even scheduled to come home.  I put it through the dryer on HOT to try and shrink it enough so that it didn’t fall off.  She weighed just over five pounds, so even the newborn-sized onesie was waaay too big. 

I used to like the fourth.  But now…  Now it’s even more fun.  Now it means even more.  And I’m so thankful for those who shaped our country into what it has become.  Our daughter has a chance because of what our country believes in and stands for. 

Happy America Day!


  1. Happy 4th! Piper is so PiPing CuTE....have a great day...I hope she enjoys the fireworks...I think Maddie will sleep through them...also we were in Loveland on Sat...and got some shoes from Stride Rite...thank you...smiles