Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I’ve gotta get more original…

I was about to title this post “Piper’s new toy”, and then I realized that I’ve probably used that, at least once before.  And then I thought that you probably think Piper gets a new toy at least once a week, which in and of itself isn’t necessarily untrue, but they’re always “therapeutic”, so that means she’s not spoiled.  It just means that her therapy arsenal is very well stocked.  Yup. 

Anyway, Piper loves this.  Unfortunately, it’s larger than I had anticipated and takes up a large portion of our living room.  At least a large portion of my husband’s viewing area between the couch and the TV.  So it’s definitely going to be one of those get-out-only-when-you-want-to-play-with-it toys.  Thankfully it folds up nicely into a 1 1/2’ wide circle.

It’s a big pop-up play tent.  You can thrown things into the roof part (which, at this point, is more for Luke’s and my enjoyment, and Piper’s frustration, because it’s really fun to see toys rain down on top of the kid and her have no idea that they’re coming.  Or where they’re coming from), climb in the door, and look out the windows (which, even if Piper could stand independently, the windows would be no less than a foot above her eyes). 

She likes to go in: P1060909


…and out…P1060911

…and then change her mind and go back in before she’s actually gotten all the way out… P1060915

…and flash us her best cheesy smile on the way out for the eight-hundred and sixty-seventh time.

Then she’d get out and start climbing up on me as if to say “Did you see me, Mom?  Did you see me???”.  And really?  With that smile?  How are you not going to be happy with her???P1060928


  1. That will keep you busy...won't it! Piper is just checking to see if you got a good picture of the whole production! Aubrey is always checking on me and want's to see the pictures in the camera:)

  2. what a great idea..i have a ton of tents and I am going to pull them out!! Piper is 2 cUTe!! smiles

  3. Awesome, Alayna LOVES when Aidan puts up his tent. They have a campout right in the living room.

  4. Wow that looks like it will keep her busy for a while!!