Monday, July 5, 2010

Guess What Guess What Guess What?!?!

Guess WHO has FINALLY decided that she can get into sit ALL ON HER OWN???

She started last week; and now that she’s got it down, she’s going in and out of sit over and over and over again, because she thinks she such hot stuff.  And then she gives herself a rousing round of applause. 

She’s also started crawling over to her little tables, sitting up, and pulling up to stand from there.  I’m thoroughly impressed.  And completely and totally, over-the-top, absolutely excited. 

The first sit:

The second sit (while diligently reading her instructions from the pediatrician):P1060638

I’m totally bummed about the color on this one, but her face is just too cute not to share.  She was playing peekaboo with our check-out notes, and thought that she was really funny.  Not as funny, though, as when she picked up the paper from the table and was getting herself underneath thatP1060637

I’m trying to get a good video of some of her funny stances when she gets up.  She’s getting into the bear crawl stance very easily these days; her therapist thinks she may decide to bear crawl next.  We’ll see- but it’s pretty funny to see Piper A-framing around the house.  My goal for tomorrow is to get a picture.  The camera’s ready!


  1. How exciting!! She is doing so great!! Beau has no desire to sit at all. One of these days he will like it!!

  2. Yeah Piper, She and Alayna could have great conversations on their heads we call it the tripod! =) Alayna loves it and giggles while she does it.