Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the way HOME!!!

Monday morning it was time. to. go.  I think the girls were (okay, at least my  girl was) cooked.  Piper kept signing “daddy” and looking around for him whenever we went anywhere.  Both girls fell asleep nice and early the night before, so it gave Magan and I a chance to get everything packed and ready to go.  And it was a good thing; we had to be up at 4:30 so that we could catch a bus to the airport. 

My plan for Piper worked pretty well- I got her out of bed right before we had to leave, put some clothes on her, and prayed (really hard) that she’d be so tired she’d forget about breakfast.  At least until we got to the airport.  We were a fair distance away from the main part of the hotel, so we got the bellhop guy to help us out on the golf cart.  Probably one of the best things we did the entire trip.  You should have seen us trying to get into the airport with two babies, two strollers, two adults, a teenager, and all our luggage.  Comical doesn’t begin to describe our appearance, I’m sure. 

Security was remarkably easier in Florida than it was in Denver, which was a pleasant surprise.  We had it figured out by the second go around.  I could get Piper’s milk and yogurt in (plus my chocolate canned shake, on accident) just because it was for a baby and could feed her on the ground once we got to the gate.  Perfect!

After the babies ate, we let them play around on the floor to try and get rid of every ounce of energy we could possible squeeze out at 6:30am. 

They were both surprisingly cheerful.  Sawyer even had her signature piggies.  Fancy!   P1060892

…and these, my friends, are some of my favorite poses.  Ever. 

Are you ready???

Synchronized A-Framing. 

They must have held The Position for a good couple minutes.  Talking the entire time.  At least I’m pretty sure they were “talking”.  It could have been all Piper cussing me out for making her maintain such an preposterous position. 


Piper slept for about half the flight home (which was amazing) and woke up by knocking over my glass filled with ice (you know the ones- where they are so generous as to let you have a quarter of a pop…) all over the lap of the guy sitting next to me.  The attendants on this half, however, were exponentially nicer than the ones on the way there (which is NOT saying much), and actually let me have a little carton of milk for Piper, which helped satiate her for the remainder of the flight.  Not until, mind you, she decided to spray a mouthful all over the arm of the nice gentleman.  Did I mention he was asleep the whole time?  I’m sure he was wondering what kind of crud he was scraping off his arm hairs when he got home.  But I’m choosing not to think about it, and pray that he doesn’t live around here…

My mom picked us all up from the airport because Luke had classes at work he couldn’t get out of.  It really broke Mom’s heart to have to see Magan and Sawyer…

We had such a fun time!  And I’m so glad that we go to go with friends- Piper and I had such a blast! 

Conference next year is the first week of August in Texas.  We’d love to go and see all our Texas friends, however, I don’t think I Piper would be able to handle the heat.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ too it.  But for anyone else who’s more humidity-inclined, I’d highly recommend it!


  1. LOVE the synchronized A framing! Fabulous!!!

    I am starting to sense that you have an issue with humidity...Hahaha. I guess we will never have a visit from you guys at least in the summer. =)

  2. i love you more because you say "pop"

  3. You do realize that it is about the same here as Florida and that everything is airconditioned:) We go from house, to car, to store and back all in the comfort of our cool air:) Just the pool isn't air conditioned, but I'm sure at the hotel it would be! You got a year, think about it!