Friday, July 23, 2010


Sunday was the end of the official conference.  After the last plenary session ended (at which Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has a 2 (or three?  I can’t remember exactly) year old with Ds was the keynote speaker), we let the girls grab a nap and we headed to Disney.  We decided that we couldn’t quite rationalize buying tickets into the park because Piper and Sawyer weren’t going to be able to partake in the festivities, anyway.  So we headed to Downtown Disney instead.  We stopped at some of the other resorts on the way. 

The only problem we had was getting onto the buses.  Every time we got on, we had to unload the babies, take everything off the stroller, fold up the stroller (while holding the baby, mind you) and somehow get onto the bus.  By ourselves.  Did the bus driver offer to help?  Nope.  Did they just look at us in quiet condemnation?  Yup.  Yeah.  It was great

But that’s besides the point.

Was Piper pooped?  Uh, yeah.  You’d think she was the one doing impressive juggling tricks with her own body weight.  P1060810

It’s amazing what a little nap (and a TON of air conditioning) can do for an attitude…  P1060816

On the Boardwalk:P1060831

P1060837I love this one of Sawyer- it’s like she’s saying “C’mon!  Let’s get outta here!!!"

P1060842…and here they’re exploring their options of potential destinations.

P1060846And then my bitty little girl, my Mama’s Girl, realized that she didn’t want to leave without me.  Yup, we’re good like that…

(actually, I think this was another of those “please don’t look me in the eyes” events…  But I truly love Piper’s face here, lol)

P1060847…and she pouts.  Still. 


After we were done on the Boardwalk, it started to rain.  No, it started to pour.  We decided it was a good time to find a bus to Downtown Disney for real.  Thankfully the bus stop was covered.  You can kind of see it pouring off the roof above us behind her. 



And, sadly, the only pictures I got of Piper with any characters, but cute nonetheless.  The most fun part of this, though, was watching the faces of passers by when I put my seemingly four-month old on top of an unstable log.  And then step away.  Yeah- that was fun…P1060885

The rain this day was unbelievable.  It wasn’t constant, but man, when it was raining it was r-a-i-n-i-n-g.  And don’t even get me started on the humidity in general.  I’m pretty sure I scared Piper on more than one occasion with my new ‘do.  And probably more than just her, I’m sure. 

That, my friends, is why I’m settled in Colorado.  Lack of humidity.  And, ya know, family ‘n’ stuff…


  1. I am sure Sawyer was trying to talk Piper into making a break for the teacups! What cuties!
    We went to Disney last July and wow the humidity was crazy, although walking outside here the past few days kinda seems just like it. Maybe we should head to CO too.

  2. I don't do humidity either! How is your snack tray so clean - must be a new stroller, right?!