Monday, June 27, 2011

Out and about

We decided to do a “big” outting this weekend with the girls- for the first real time with the two.  We’d thought about going to the mountains, but I’m still not sure about going to altitude with the baby (I know, should be fine, but it does make me a little nervous), and I wasn’t sure about making Addy be in her car seat that long- she’s not too big a fan.  And it’s a looong way back down the hill if the kid is screaming…

Then we thought about the zoo, but it was supposed to be in the 90’s (and you know how much I enjoy the 90’s), so we decided that between the humidity and asphalt paths, that didn’t sound like the best idea, either.

So, we ended up with a picnic at one of our favorite parks that’s not too far, but far enough that we don’t just drop by very often.  (We did go last summer- boy has Piper changed!)P1100296

DSCN1617…Piper’s favorite part of the picnic was the Oreos…  I did NOT think about them melting, however…

And since it was our “big” day, we decided that the dogs could go, too.  It’s a great dog park (the county that it’s in?  Dogs have as many rights (more?  I can’t remember now…) than people.   No joke) with an open running space and a big pond for them to play in.  Luke assured me that he wasn’t planning on letting the dogs swim, though, but decided to take a couple towels “just in case” they happened to find their way in the water.  Now (one of our) dogs is smart, admittedly, but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t mastered the art of opening dog-proof gates. 

So, needless to say, we drove home in a very stinky car (note to self- leave the towels at home.  Also?  The bigger the dog, the bigger the stink…)

P1100290Daddy and Piper watching all the dogs swimming- there were a lot of happy dogs…

But everyone had a good time- Piper the most.  Because the best part of this park?  The water feature!

P1100307Realizing the water was a little cold after the heat of the sun

P1100306Trying to decide which big kid to run after


She tried several times to look down the holes where the water comes out.  Thankfully I was able to divert the potential trauma induced by a fast-flowing, fast-coming water stream in the face…


This park isn’t too far from Luke’s office- we need to meet over there for lunch over the summer and let Piper run through the water.

Only next time, I’ll be sure to bring a swimsuit that actually, you know, fits so that my kid doesn’t have to run around in only her Speedo bottoms…  Mom fail.

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  1. Oh she looks super cute in her bottoms no failure there. What a fun park!