Friday, June 17, 2011

Piper “talks”

By far Piper’s strong suit is her language skills.  Her receptive language has always been high, and now that she’s a fairly prolific signer (I had to count for her IFSP last month- my list is over 170 words that she signs appropriately, routinely without prompting- I’m a toughy when it comes to “credit”), we don’t worry about her expressive language, either.

Her vocal language, however, is a whole ‘nother story. 

I swear that every week, Piper is “talking” more and more.  She’s definitely making  a lot more attempts at vocalization, and we’re getting better and better at her making purposeful air movement, which is what we’ve been fighting with for months.  She’s even blowing bubbles now! 

We still have issues, though, with her combining facial postures (which are really quite good- and she has a ton of them) with airflow AND voicing.  She’s really good at saying things like “buhbuh” for bubbles, “puhp” for pop, “bluh” for blanket, “duhduh” for dad, “tuh” for step and stomp…  you get the idea.  She’ll say the sounds, if they don’t require any voicing.  It’s a work in progress.  But I feel like, one of these days, she’s just going to get it, and we’ll be off and running.  I kind of hope that by the time she goes to preschool in 14 months, she’ll be really talking, but I half wonder if it’ll take being around a lot of other kids who don’t know what she’s signing to give her the incentive to really start.  Guess we’ll see!

Anyway, these are some of her more…  creative?…  approximations.  And yes, we do laugh at her every time she says “chinchilla”. 


  1. that's too cute!

    Also how did you teach all the signs. So far we only have a few we know (myself included). We do own a few signing times dvd's but they don't really hold my 16 month olds attention.


  2. I love the sounds! The funniest thing is to me is that when you ask her to do the sign for cow she is actually doing dad/dy. Getting those figures down has to be hard... and clearly she knows what she is suppose to do, its just really cute!

  3. oopps. I meant fingers not figures.

  4. Oh, little farmer spitsalot. You will have the cutest saliva-soaked herd of livestock at the sale barn. You sweet, silly pickle.