Sunday, June 26, 2011


Addy: “Are you sure ‘bout this, mommy?  ‘Cause I’m not…”

Piper (singing): “I love Addy, yes I do…  I love Addy- she’s so cute!”

(or something to the effect.  I’m getting good at reading the nonverbal cues in her big blue eyes.  Pretty sure I’m dead on with this one)



  1. I've seen those looks at our house lately...and Emmie is gaining on her big sister fast. It might be the other way around in a year or so!

  2. no doubt ABOUT it! the girl looks like a pro. :0) xoxox

    (although...i have to wonder...if i put my ear VERY close...i'm almost sure I'd hear piper whispering, "and if you want something and mommy says no, that's where daddies come in...")