Thursday, June 30, 2011

Having a small two-year-old…

…is usually a pretty cool thing.

She’s not tall enough to open doors that are latched shut (so she can’t get in anywhere she shouldn’t be; however, that means that she can lock herself IN anywhere, which is, admittedly, a disadvantage…)

We get very good use out of all her clothes- in fact, the 6-month shorts that I had bought for her for last summer look really cute on her this summer- you can even see her knees!!!

She can still sleep laying down in her stroller.  With the foot rest folded up so that she can’t slip out, which means she doesn’t need a seatbelt on.  Win for her, too.

She can sit backward in the shopping cart seat.  She really likes to see where we’re going sometimes, and her sitting cross-legged and backward fixes that problem.

Need to keep things out of reach?  So much easier when they’re only 29” tall.


When you’re only 29” tall, you can also fit into some pretty precarious places.  Like underneath the displays they use Costco.  Keeping up with her, when she’s not in a being-good-and-following-directions type of mood, is an art.

It also means that she can fit into the infant paraphernalia we now have lying about our house.  Like the infant swing (she thinks that’s pretty funny), the baby’s car seat…

…and the moses basket.

I was feeding Addy the other day on the couch; I looked down, thankfully, before I stood up and found this:


Mind you- she gave up the pacifier a year ago, and hasn’t seen one since. 

And do you see that one top tooth?  It came in in February.  And I’ve thought that the other front tooth was ready to pop since that time.

We’re still waiting.


And I can’t. wait. for that to happen…


  1. Too cute! Sweet Pea is only 2.5 inches taller so I understand what you are saying although I know that 2.5 inches does make a big difference. Sweet Pea has tried to climb into some of Angel's baby stuff, but luckily her balance isn't good enough. Piper is too steady and that allows her to get into even more trouble! :-) Love that little girl of yours! Oops! Make that both little girls of yours!

  2. Ha, too cute! She's adorable and I can't believe we haven't seen you guys in over a year!

  3. Jesenia's teeth are so slow coming in too! She's had two bottom ones for about three months and we finally have two on top coming in....and not the center two either!