Monday, June 13, 2011

Summ Summ Summertiiiime

I am so excited that we’ve been having nice weather lately.  It hasn’t been overly hot (although I have complained a few times- I really don’t think it’s necessary to have weather above 90 degrees.  I mean, really), but warm enough to be in shorts.

And play in the sprinkler.

Not that I play in the sprinkler, mind you, but I’m more than willing to <<ahem>> encourage my toddler to blow off some steam.

We have a little blow-up pool, but because we have two labs (you know, water dogs), leaving the blow-up pool in the backyard is clearly not an option.  So, until I can get my hands on a hard plastic pool, our water experiences have been moved to the front yard.  Which Piper approves of, of course, because she can greet all of our neighbors with a joyous wave as they drive by. 

Lesson Day 1:  The Sprinkler (subtitled “Piper conquered her fears”)

P1090892…close (kind of)…


P1090894Bravery, I tell  ya- bravery.  In the 2” of water.

Lesson Day 2:  The Pool (subtitled “Why didn’t you just call this an outside bath?  I would have been less concerned…  Oh, and PS?  Why didn’t we think about this before???”)



DSCN1503“Are you sure this is fun???”

DSCN1518…the “bravery” is shining through again…

DSCN1544…aaaaand she decides that it is a good idea!

The other munchkin?DSCN1559

Yup- that pretty much sums it up.


  1. Love it! I found a hard plastic pool at King Soopers (of all places) because we have the same water dog issue as you.

    Thanks for all of your comments on my blog. Its very comforting to know someone who knows what we can expect with these proceedures/ medications. I'd love to see you and get the girls together this summer some time.

  2. I think it was the second one of Piper in her pool where she looks like "Holy Crap this is cold!"-So cute! Well, all of your pictures are, but today that's my favorite, that one and the one of your newest in the basket. Congrats again!