Monday, July 30, 2012

Things I Learned While on Vacation… and miscellaneous outtakes.

  • A double stroller will not win in a fight against the Stupid Transport Vehicles Inside the Airport.
  • The Stupid Transport Vehicles Inside the Airport are SLOW.


  • You really can grow tired of Chipotle salads and chips. Go figure.
  • Swimsuits do NOT dry in humidity. Even days later.  (Okay, so I knew this, but it never ceases to amaze me…)DSC_1205
  • Even if she’s exhausted, Addy will not sleep while away.
  • I can live being up every 45 minutes for a week straight.


  • Addy’s cry can be heard through the walls of a hotel room. In the middle of the night. When we had an adjoining room with friends (sorry Magan and Damian!) I’m not sure which was worse- knowing they could hear her, or wondering who on earth was on the other side…
  • Piper is a very sound sleeper.



  • Frozen yogurt for lunch is completely acceptable to Piper.
  • You canNOT pack enough Gerber puffs.  Ever.
  • Sending hubby out for a Gerber puff run is smart.  Sending hubby out on a Gerber puff run when it’s about to rain is not such a good idea.  Sending hubby out on a Gerber puff run when it’s pouring, to a store that’s a mile away, may be cause for divorce.


  • Always, and I do mean always, check the time that public transportation starts in the morning, if you’re using it to get to the airport.  Also, this is good to check before 10pm the night before your 6:30am flight.
  • A double stroller can fit in the front seat of a cab.  If your driver is willing to be a little cozy with the front tire.



  1. So glad we got to see ya'll again at the convention! Happy sleeping to you now that you are home!

  2. Ha, ha, great list. Good times ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh! And the tips :)