Sunday, July 29, 2012

NDSC- Trip to the Zoo

Since we were so close to the National Zoo, we took several jaunts up there and didn’t feel like we had to spend a lot of time at once.  The first day we went up, it was horribly hot (as in 104, I think) and we kind of thought we were going to die.  That trip was relatively short.

But other than that, Piper was more than thrilled to see all of the animals.  Her favorites seemed to be the otters (yes, the otters.  I have no idea.), the elephants (well, duh), and some of the big birds.DSC_1149DSC_1151


I’m not sure that Addy really knew what to think about it, but she DID enjoy getting to walk as fast as she wanted, as far as she wanted.  I was impressed more than once by her stamina- I think she made it half way around the zoo before I decided that she was done.DSC_1496DSC_1498






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