Monday, July 30, 2012

NDSC- Hotel room fun

There’s something so fun about staying in a hotel.  The girls caught on to the “fun” really quick.

They LOVED to wrestle on the bed.  And Addy had a ball “bounce bounce bounce”-ing on the bed.  She apparently missed the memo about not giving me any more heart attacks.  It was rather cute, admittedly, but was significantly less cute when, at 5am, she insisted on joining me in bed, only to “bounce bounce bounce.”  I believe my exact words were “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE???  NO BOUNCING- IT’S STILL TIME TO SLEEP!”

I don’t remember whether or not it worked.






Other than that, they are used to getting up in the morning, sitting down, and eating breakfast. They freely (and loudly) express their disdain if it takes longer than, say, two minutes to be fed. Obviously, getting dressed, leaving, and finding something to eat in the morning was not going to be an option. Thankfully we had a refrigerator in the room, so we bought some milk, cereal and fruit, and let the girls eat while we got ready in the morning.

On the bed.

Watching television.

It was vacation, after all.




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