Sunday, July 29, 2012


Phew! I can’t believe this summer is coming to a close- and we’re already DONE with our trip to Washington, DC!

We had a BLAST. The girls did better than I feared they might on the flights (thank heavens), and despite the fact that we got all kinds of funny looks from the people in Chipotle when we fed our small toddlers at 9pm that night, we got to the hotel with very few issues. No lost bags, no screaming kids, no missed flights (which was, by the way, rather close- we had a half hour from the time our plane touched down to the time the other flight took off- one a different concourse…) I’ll call it a success!DSC_1347

We spent several extra days out there, which gave us a chance to do some sight seeing, and do things a bit slower so the girls would enjoy it.  The hotel we stayed in was just a few blocks away from the zoo, so we went there several times.  We spent some time in the pool, went to the mall and walked through a few museums and visited some of the monuments.  The girls got their first bus, plane, and subway experiences, staying up way past their bedtime night after night experiences, eating ice cream at random times of the day experiences…  Pretty much everything that makes vacation vacation.

The hotel grounds were beautiful.  And huge (16 acres)!  So excuse this little photo interlude…





DSC_1347 (2)







I find ourselves very fortunate that neither girl knows their phone number- I know that both would have come home with the phone numbers of several new boyfriends.  They were both quite smitten with several young fellas.P1170464

Can’t wait to share the rest of our trip!

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