Monday, July 30, 2012

NDSC- The Convention

This year, more than three thousand people came to the convention.  It was truly awesome to see so many families, from so many parts of the nation, with one very big thing in common.  There were lots of little restaurants down the hill from the hotel, so no matter where you went, there were always a few families around to chat with. 

We went to some seminars about math readiness, hand writing help, research initiatives currently underway at the National Institutes of Health, a class all about memory in Down syndrome, Film Festivals…  So much information!  It was a great year for us to go with Piper starting school this fall (although, admittedly, I think that any time to go is probably perfect!)

It was SO much fun to see some of our blogging friends, too.  I was so excited to meet Maggie for the first time (even if she was brilliant in her leaving the kids behind endeavor…)  And Addy had tons of fun playing with Colin’s little sis, Kailey, in the back of the big convention hall.  And so, so many more.  It’s such an awesome thing to finally meet the people who you feel like you know, but you’ve never met.  DSC_1105

If you have the chance to go to NDSC sometime, you really oughtta.  Speaking of which, do you know where it is next year?

Yup- here in DENVER!  I really think y’all need to come join us.  I’ll resort to begging- I’m not proud.  July 19-21 in Downtown Denver- mark your calendar!  Pleeeease???

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  1. it's me! it's me! fantastic finally meeting you and i already know i'll be in denver next year. :)