Monday, July 30, 2012

NDSC- Day on the Mall

We spent one afternoon and the next morning exploring the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.  I figured those would be the two places Piper would enjoy (planes and dinosaurs?  Yes, please!), and would be most likely to play the walk-around-nicely-and-look-at-things game.

After we walked through the kid-friendly part of the Air and Space Museum, we got something to eat for dinner and let the girls play on the Mall for a little bit.  They are re-sodding, and “beautifying” the grounds, so it wasn’t the most picturesque version I’ve seen, but they still enjoyed just getting to RUN.


The next day, we left early to hit the Natural History Museum.  We got off the Metro and decided to walk over to the Washington Monument.







After we had our fun, we walked back up the Mall toward the Natural History Museum.  It doesn’t seem very far, but it got hot fast that day, and the humidity, again, was treacherous for us live-in-the-dessert folks.  So it really just made my day when we reached the FAR side of the museum (which is huge, by the way) and realized that the handicapped entrance, where we could actually get the stroller in to the museum, was back down the far side, down the block, and on the back of the building.  Fantastic.

Once we got back into the air conditioner, things started looking up.  Literally.


…at this guy.DSC_1282

Piper was amazed.DSC_1279


She insisted on getting a stuffed dinosaur to take home.  It’s a triceratops.  She has lovingly named her “rhino-dino”, which I felt was pretty apropos.

After the museum was our last ride on the subway- Piper was much less concerned this time, and was actually enjoying watching for our train at each transfer.  And she showed off her mad “choochoo train dance” skills to anyone who cared to watch.  Addy was more than willing to engage in playful banter with our fellow passengers.  Flirt.  But she was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open.  So it is possible.DSC_1316


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