Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two months- REALLY???

Addy turned 8 weeks old last week!  I simply cannot believe that she could possibly be that old.

Part of me feels like she should just be a few days old, and part of me feels like she’s been with us forever.  Funny how that happens.

P1100467We tried out the Bumbo the other day- it’s way too big, but she was totally able to do it.  I didn’t let her stay very long, of course, but I think she really enjoyed the new perspective!

I’m not sure that Piper even remembers life without her.  She’s doing so fabulously with her- I could never have imagined how great she’d do.  The only time Piper gets a little upset is if Adalynn’s having a meltdown in the car.  We still have paci wars- I think Piper can spot a pacifier from a mile away.  She gets this little guilty grin when she picks one up.  But, ultimately, if that’s the biggest battle I have to fight, I’ll take it! 

Addy’s such a sweet little bundle.  She has, however, had some trying times the past week or so.  Not sure what’s going on, but the kid can get MAD.  I asked the pediatrician about it last week- apparently there’s a phase in neurological development that happens about that time that makes a lot of kids hard to console.  It only lasted a few days, and although she still has her moments, it’s mostly better.  Goofy munchkin. 

She’s always willing to snuggle.  Snuggle and/or eat.  She has a nervous face she pulls if she hears Piper squeal in the vicinity (call it self preservation), but otherwise loves to talk to her big sister.  And she’s been cooing and laughing out loud (which is just a loud inhale, but way too cute) which just turns me into a blubbering fool… 

P1100428She is in so much need of snuggling that she often sleeps next to a blanket to make her think that someone is snuggling her.  Rest assured- it’s far away from her face and her hands are velcroed in in the Halo.  And, bygolly, if it means that we can BOTH sleep a little more, I’m willing…

P1100461The “Oh my gosh, what was that???” look…  Looks a little like the baby version of Blair Witch, doesn’t it???

We’ve given her bottles a few times- if she’s really hungry, and you put the bottle in her mouth, she looks at you like “IF YOU PUT THAT GOSH DARN PACIFIER IN MY MOUTH ONE MORE TIME…” and then she realizes there’s milk.  And then she’s good.  It’s really hilarious.  She can down a four ounce bottle in less than four minutes.  Impressive.

She had her two month checkup last week- she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, and was almost 21” long.  She’s maintaining her 5%ile curve quite well, lol. 

P1100537Showing off for Dr. Karen at her checkup.  She was proud of herself!

Addy is so interested in everything going around her.  She still has the contemplative look, only now she adds in a smile.  It looks like things genuinely excite her.  So sweet.

P1100467Okay, so she wasn’t so sure she liked what was going on here.  Not sure it wasn’t right after the dog slathered her face with his tongue and she was trying to figure out what the heck just happened…

P1100468“Oooo- what’s that???”

Happy two month birthday, little munchkin.  You make our hearts sing!P1100497


  1. I LOVED your suggestion about taking Josie's gait trainer to the mall! What a great idea to utilize the incentive of extra attention from the mall goers! If there's anything Josie responds to, it's positive reinforcement! Addy is precious - I just want to kiss her semi-bald head :-)

  2. She is a doll! Love all of her new pictures!

  3. looking so big already! have any advice for me on handling two??

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