Sunday, July 10, 2011

I did it.

It was time.

I finally got up my nerves to just do it.

After 26 months, we decided to get help with Piper’s hair.

Not that her hair was so long and full and flowing that she needed it.  No, more that it was uneven, in her eyes, and she had this nice, uber classy, rattail going on.


So we took her yesterday to a kids’ place to see if they had any suggestions.  All I really knew is that I was too nervous to put a sharp instrument close to my very wiggly child’s head.  And, oddly, I was more nervous about cutting her hair in an irreversibly bad way than I was about cutting her; maybe that shows my inappropriate emotional attachment to hair…

Piper got to pick out her chair (shiny red, of course).  And she hated the cape, but eventually got over it.  Since she only had about 5 hairs that needed cut, she didn’t have to have it on very long.


The lady chopped the tail and snipped off the ends of some of her wispy hairs.  Then cut the hair that gets into her eyes a little, too.IMAG0004

I can’t say that you can really tell a whole lotta difference- although she does look like she has a hairdo instead of unruly baby hair.  The biggest difference is that her hair looks so much lighter!  When she trimmed the edges, it got rid of her newborn hair, which was quite a bit darker.  IMAG0007

One more “first” marked off the list!



  1. I really need to get Claire in for her first haircut. The top is so much longer than the back that it looks really uneven. And Claire's baby hair was so dark, that I think it will brighten everything up too.

  2. Jesenia's hair was so long in the back! It was way down the middle of her back and she was only 16 months old! But, the sides where up closer to her ears and the front was more of a bang length. I was tired of having to blow dry the back and it would just get all tangled so I just took the scissors and cut it myself. :) It made a big difference in her case too!

  3. She looks very sweet with her new "do". Vada has two "rat tails" one on each side,the left one being the longest. I need to snip them off but I have been able to bring myself to do it yet!

  4. Her hair does look lighter!! She looks so sweet in that last picture :)

  5. Very nice :) I cut my kiddos hair and it always take chopping over 3 days to get it semi straight!

  6. WOW!! Piper is getting to be such a BIG girl!! love the new do! every girl needs to get her hair did!! smiles