Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is my mom’s birthday (shhh…  don’t tell her I told you.  I didn’t use an age, so I’m exempt from any prosecution, right???), so Piper and Addy insisted that “they” make dinner for her tonight.

And while their “cooking” was less than helpful, and, well, pretend, they WERE successful in behaving so well that we could actually get things done.  That, in and of itself, was glorious.

Happy birthday to my favorite mom- and I’m not just saying that because it can’t be untrue.  We’re so lucky to have you!

A few weeks ago, my mom went with us to a shopping center across town.  Little did I know, they also had a water feature- but it was totally different that any Piper has played in before.  I’m pretty sure that it’s existence was divine providence- Addy decided she was going to eat, NOW, right near here.  So Mom and Piper took a dip.  Yup- I said Mom AND Piper…

They started out with Piper fully clothed.  That lasted about 5.4 seconds.  Layers were quickly removed because of situations like this one:IMAG0031

…I remember that same hands-on-my-hips stance from when I was little.  And it only meant one thing- I’m pretending that you’re in trouble, but your cuteness and/or humor is getting you out of it.  I think that Piper was supposed to walk though the water, not sit in it.  Especially since we only had a regular diaper; not so sure it was, you know, allowed

No matter how many times I see it, it always flabbergasts me to see how much water a diaper can hold.  Especially from the outside in.  You can see how round her rump is…  She definitely waddled a lot more- but what do you expect with an extra three pounds in her drawers???IMAG0033



The steps were really wide at the bottom and got really narrow at the top.  Out of fear of a tumbling-backward-on-concrete-steps toddler, Nana played the part of “personal protective gear.”  Either that or she was just trying to pull up her britches.  Take your choice.IMAG0034

I got done nursing Adalynn and Piper came over to get me.  She couldn’t wait to tell me all about her fun!IMAG0037

I asked if she was ready to put on her clothes (sans shorts, of course, because they’d already gotten soaked)- this was her response:IMAG0038

Running while waddling is a difficult task!

Thanks for the fun, Nana!!!

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