Sunday, July 24, 2011

Books are supposed to be GOOD, right???

We like books.  Piper has tons of books.  We go through stages where we read what feels like hundreds of books a day (and I’m convinced that’s not always an exaggeration.)

One of her favorites, though, is this flap book.


We bought this for Piper ages ago…  Like a year-and-a-half ago.  And yet it remains a favorite.  I liked it at the time because it had real pictures of real animals, and I thought it’d be easier to learn animals that way.

Now, however, I’ve determined that this book, this book that’s supposed to impart wisdom to my impressionable child, has taught her bad tricks…

Be warned, folks.  With repeated applications, this book may change your child into this:P1100569

This book has six total “pages”.  Each page says “What does the ________ say?”, and then you open the flap to find out.  Two of those pages are as follows:



Do you see the faces on both of these animals?  They both have their tongues sticking out.

And for MONTHS, anytime  you ask her what a sheep says or what a goat says, she makes the aforementioned face.  With her tongue stretched out as far as it can possible go.  Over and over and over again (with, obviously, no vocalization, but you probably guessed that part…)

If she weren’t so gosh darn funny when she did it, I’d probably sue.

…and, admittedly, it wouldn’t be the sole fault of the publishing company- after all, we have laughed at her more than a few times, but you know…


  1. Nava hearts those DK flap books with real big pictures! She would be might jealous that Piper has one she doesn't!

  2. That's so funny that she does that!! This is one of Bennett's favorites too!

  3. Ha! That's SO funny! :]

    (I adore your blog, I just don't comment often because usually I'm on my phone instead of a laptop!)