Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Lessons

Piper is discovering the fun that exists when you get to be a big kid during summer.

Sprinklers, pools, water features, trike rides…  They make summer so much fun!

But, even more fun than things you can DO are  things you can EAT!!!

Piper got to have a whole popsicle, all. by. her.self.  (On the porch, with the least colored popsicle, and in an easily washable shirt, but that’s besides the point…)

P1100396She had a little trouble figuring out you hold the stick, not the popsicle.  She was a little concerned…



But once she figured out that the popsicle was yummy (with a little encouragement and the fact that “Addy couldn’t have one because she was too little”…), she decided it was an okay snack.  She’s signing “cold” here with the other hand, and her face looks like she may have given herself a brain freeze…P1100401

P1100404…a little more concerned…  And, apparently, it’s still cold.

P1100405It’s even cold when it drips on you.


She moved to the sun, which warmed her up, of course, and she felt better.  Of course, it warmed her up AND the popsicle, so she was eating fast trying to keep it from dripping down her arms. 

Oh, the lessons kids have to learn…  Properly eating popsicles in summertime heat is definitely one of them…

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