Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Intentions

We have a shopping center not far from our house.  The second best part is that it has a water feature in the middle (the best part you ask?  The best part is a Gymboree…)

So, last week we ventured out and I attempted to let Piper run around and keep Addy happy.  In the heat.  Nearing lunchtime.  When Addy was grumpy to start with.

Can you tell where this is going?

It took longer to get Piper into her swimsuit than it did playing in the water.  There were a lot of big kids there, and Piper kept getting bowled over.  One ornery little cuss kept throwing water in Piper’s face…

But Piper made the best of it and had fun for a few minutes.  She kept trying to look down the holes where the water comes out to see why it WASN’T coming out.  And then, inevitably, it’d shoot up fast and startle her.  She did really well, though, and even though she got it up her nose, it didn’t upset her as much as I thought it might. 

P1100442See the boy with the cups?  Pretty sure those were the cups that filled Piper’s face a couple times…


P1100445I think all the big kids and all the screaming when she was a little tired all overwhelmed her.  There was far more time spent standing around than there usually is…


P1100454But when I asked if she was ready to go.  She replied with running back to the water.

Go figure.


  1. She' such a cutie, I hope you are doing well and getting some rest with the new little one :-)

  2. She looks so much older now. A lot less like a baby and more like a "big" girl. We feel the same with Vada.