Monday, October 11, 2010

Eye Can See!


What a relieving day!

If you remember, Piper had an ophthalmology appointment scheduled for the day after her surgery.  As if that was going to happen.  Usually her ophthalmologist takes about three months to get an appointment- I wasn’t in the mood to put it out another three months (especially since we were already about two months past due, but that’s another story).  Children’s is relatively close to our house (about 40 minutes or so), so it’s not a big deal to make multiple trips.  But I do try to consolidate into the same day if at all possible.  I had an appointment for her pediatrician today, so the eye clinic squeezed us in to their schedule today, too.

Only downside was that the pediatrician was at 11, and the eye appointment wasn’t until 3…  But beggars can’t be choosers, right?

The pediatrician was supposed to be her 18-month check-up, but was scheduled for October instead of November.  Go figure.  It worked well, though, so that we could see her ped after surgery, and I got to talk to her about some of our concerns we’re taking to the ENT later this week.  She said that Piper sounded better than she has in a long time, which was really reassuring to hear.  And was really please with her development, both in skills and size, especially considering everything the last month held for her.

Piper’s growth spurt continues!!!  She’s well over the 5% line (but no where close to the 10% line) for BOTH height AND weight (on the Ds charts, of course, but we’ll take it)!  Her length is the spurt that really surprised me- she has ALWAYS been very reliable in that area!

We left and came back a couple hours later for the eye appointment.  They were (miraculously) running on time- alleluia!!!  The way the doctor was talking, before they dilated her eyes, it sounded like we were going to be leaving with glasses or a patch or something.  You remember her funny face- Piper can cross her eyes/eye (yeah, one a time), but whether or not she’s doing it on purpose for a laugh or because her eyes aren’t working together appropriately isn’t something I can 100% guarantee. 

So they sent us to another room to get dilated (which I was a little bummed about because they said they weren’t going to do it when I made the appointment, but whadya gonna do?), and to a nice little waiting room to wait for their effects (which, with Piper’s light blue eyes, only takes about 5 minutes, but they make you sit there for 30…).  She had a lot of fun playing on the couches and chairs…  And running down the hallway immediately after flashing me her “ain’t I cute?  I’m gonna run, but you can’t do anything about it” grin.  She also played with the sunglasses- who are they kidding?  How many 1-year-olds really keep these things on?  Seriously???  no glasses

Anyway, when the doctor examined her said that she “went from a size 12 shoe on one foot and a size 6 on the other to a size 7 on one and a size 6 on the other”.  Is her vision “normal”?  No, not quite.  But it is considerably better than it was six months ago.  He said that he doesn’t anticipate seeing that kind of improvement over the course of a year, much less six months.  I think the theory is that her little preemie eyes just needed that additional time to develop (eyes are kind of like airways- they take longer to develop the earlier you’re born, so it takes quite a while for them to catch up to their peers).  Woohoo!  So her eyes are more balanced than they had been, and they’re also seeing much better than they were.  SO, we have the okay for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!  Can you believe it???  We have NEVER gotten a one year spacing with ANY of our specialists!!! 

Now, if we can just get that good of a report at ENT on Thursday.  I wonder if three good appointments in ONE week is too much to ask for???


  1. Yeah for good appointments and eyes! We think that three is luck and hope your ENT is good this week too!

  2. I love appointments like this! Good to hear!