Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you ever feel like you’re SLACKING?

Every once in a while I realize that maybe I should be focusing my energies on things that we’re, well, that we’re not.

And then I feel really guilty when Piper doesn’t get “credit” for something because we haven’t spent much time on it.

Today’s slacking scenario?  Using utensils at meal time.

Piper’s been a phenomenal finger-feeder since before her birthday.  And because she’s so good and efficient, I’ll admit that I let her continue doing it that way because it’s easy.  For both of us.  Bad, I know.  But it is what it is. 

Not that we’ve never tried- she has been able to do a dip-and-shovel maneuver with her spoon for several months now.  But the only thing she gets by spoon is her yogurt in the morning.  And to be honest?  If I pick up dried-up yogurt that I didn’t realize got catapulted across the kitchen ONE MORE TIME, I just may scream.  And she’s usually so hungry by breakfast time that she doesn’t have the patience to try and feed herself too long.

Yeah, yeah- I know…  Just a lot of justification, right?

Anyway, tonight for dinner I decided we’d try forking food instead of spooning.  I needed something that she could chew with no teeth, but that was substantial enough to stab, but not so hard that she couldn’t get the fork in.  I’m not picky, really.

The solution?  Those horribly gross, sticky, stomach-churning Gerber’s raviolis. 

They worked perfectly

She stabbed on her own and got it to her mouth.  Sometimes she needed a little help finding one to stab, but she made it through the whole meal!  AND- not ONE fork was thrown on the floor!  THAT is a success in and of itself!



On our way to a cleaner eating experience!  Wahoooooo!


  1. Yahoo for utensil management AND rocking that hair accessory. You are BIG STUFF, L'il P.

  2. Nice job Piper! I never give Max a utensil. It's all I can do to not lose it over throwing the bottle or sippy :)

  3. Oh trust us friend you are not alone in the slacker boat. We feel like that all the time. Way to go Piper, keep up the great work!

  4. Is it okay to admit that I'm super jealous!?!?!?! Our stack of utensils that get chucked, tossed, dropped, catapulted, etc on the floor is ridiculous. Can Piper share some of her techniques with her little friend Sweet Pea?