Monday, October 11, 2010

Ready to Read

Piper LOVES her books. 

She’s getting really good at hunting for books around the house and pulling them off the coffee table to “read” them to herself.  Even if that means pulling off the 6” of junk important, vital things that are essential to our daily existence that are on top of her book with it.

A couple in particular- the Pinkalicious books are a current favorite.  I’m pretty sure she just likes the pink.  One page in one of the books is all pink- she likes to turn to that page first.

Another favorite?  Chick-fil-a has the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books in their kids meals right now.  And we happen to like those books, so I’m pretty excited.  But most exciting?  Piper can mess around with the books and if they happen to get ripped or torn or drooled on, I could really care less (not that any other book in our house is safe from the same potential demise, but ya know).

Piper decided that she was going to take a break from chasing and banging on the dogs this afternoon to read a story.



P1080480I know she loves books, but this is getting a little ridiculous…


  1. Maybe it was one of those new "lick and taste" books! Kind of like the "scratch and sniff" onces! Think of it as extra fiber intake:)

  2. Love it!!! I laugh everytime I look at her pictures. She has quite the personality!!

  3. Looks like Piper is "digesting" that story pretty well! It's one of my favorites, too!

    Way to go, Piper!!

  4. I just love her. She is precious!

  5. This made me giggle. Love that last picture, so cute.

  6. Maybe it still smelled like french fries. LOL Too cute! Alayna's favorite is If you Give a Pig a Party!

  7. Hehe - we got that same book at Chik-fil-a tonight!

  8. Very cute what a great way to start my day - Candy