Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, cont.

The BEST part of the pumpkin patch was getting to see all the farm animals.  They don’t have an actual petting zoo, but they do have quite a few beasts that you can get really close to.  And I think that was just fine for Piper.

First she saw the giant Clydesdale horses.  I wasn’t too sure what she’d think about them, being so big and all (the first time our dogs saw horses, I could hear them saying “Oh my gosh- those are the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen…”  I’m pretty sure Piper shared that sentiment), so we watched from a distance for a second first.

Then she started pointing and leading me up to them.


She showed me their noses, their eyes (which I’m sure they really appreciated), and reached up toward their ears.  She pet so nicely; the rancher was enamored by her.CGP_2885

The absolutely, hands-down, unequivocal best part, though, was the goats.

That’s right folks- the goats.  The kid’s got <ahem> taste.  She talked, squawked, and squealed at them.  Even when we had finished and were a good 40 feet away. 

She’s hoping that these pictures will encourage her grandparents, who live on a farm, to buy her one (to keep there, of course.  Oh, please, to keep there).  Christmas is coming, after all.



  1. Oh boy, how could the grandparents turn down that request from sweet little Piper. Can't wait to meet her pet goat that lives at grandma's house. hee hee

  2. I love that last pic!!! So so cute!!!