Friday, October 1, 2010

Panty Problems

Piper’s started this as-soon-as-my-diaper-comes-off-I-can-blast-off-like-a-rocket thing lately. 

Which has ultimately led to a whole bunch of diaper-free time.  I’ll admit that it’s probably hereditary, but I won’t tell you through whom.  I’ll also say that I the guilty party HAS outgrown it.  Promise.

Piper blasted-off this afternoon, so I just let her wander around the house bottomless.  I sat on the couch and checked my email And like a good mom, I kept a very close eye on her.  Looked up and saw this:


Apparently she wanted a new  diaper on.  She was going through our diaper drawer, pulling them out- one by one. 

I can honestly say she’s never ASKED for a diaper to be on.  She’s asked for her pants changed, but ultimately only to take them off


It’s hard to believe that a child with a wardrobe the size of hers, Piper prefers to play in the nude.  Go figure.


  1. Today LC brought out the wet wipes. She got one out...laid down, and...ummmm...used it accordingly. Her father would have DIED to have seen it. He still blushes every time she streaks by him on her way to the bath.

    Personally, I like those sweetie buns. If you've got it, flaunt it.

  2. I am with Courtney...why would you ever cover such a cute bum =)!

  3. Love that tiny hiney : ) She is too cute!