Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Point of Clarification

So I hafta say- I cracked up at the number of people concerned with Piper’s well-being after my last post. 

And I appreciate your concern- truly, I do!  But it didn’t make me laugh less (seriously- I was cracking up).

I didn’t think about how funny the pictures looked until someone pointed them out- I was apparently over the top of her a little too much, so the angle of the camera was really off for those pictures.

So, in an attempt to keep the social workers at bay (I also understand that I probably use this joke too often- I can only say it because I am one, lol), I decided to show you what her crib actually looks like! 

She likes to stomp her her bumper (looks like it needs to be straightened out and pulled up again in the back…) which can give her a little more height, but not too bad. 

After all- her crib is one of the most fun places to practice her music, practice cruising, and do other miscellaneous aerobic exercises in privacy.  No one likes to exercise in public anyway, right???  :)


  1. That is so funny because I was thinking the same thing when I saw that post. I just didn't take the time to comment because I was trying to hurry through all of the blogs :) Thanks for clarifying it though and I am glad I wasn't the only paranoid one.

  2. We thought the same thing:) Just didn't have time to comment! Glad that we are all keeping each other on our toes!

  3. LOL! Sorry, had to comment my concern : ) We were always super cautious with both kids, as soon as they could pull up to stand the mattress was put all the way down. Both kids have huge heads and where the head goes the body follows and I was scared to death they would fall out from looking over too far.