Sunday, February 7, 2010

There’s no place like home!

Piper woke up this morning and was about 100 million times better.  There was no wheezing, her o2 levels were 98%-100%, and she totally wanted to play.  Even if it was 5 in the morning (insert crying Mom face here…  especially since she decided she could play from 12 to 1:30, too, and since the nurse was due to check on her at 12, I didn’t go to bed before that…).

Dr. Kay came in just before lunch, and had zero qualms about her going home.  Alleluia!  And because it was laporascopic, she doesn’t have any restrictions on her activities, either.  She even got a bath tonight, which she really enjoyed.  She’s just not allowed around any germs for a few weeks to ensure she doesn’t get sick (since her airways are susceptible now) and to stay away from any possible infections. 

She’s still pretty swollen, but it’s starting to go away.  She has a weight check on Friday—I’m hoping that it’s all gone before then, so that we don’t have even more ground to make up before the next time.  She’s about a half pound heavier today than she was on Friday morning, and it’s certainly not because all she’s eaten since then. 

Yay!  We’re so glad this is done!  Time to move on!

P1030246 The dogs were so excited to see Piper.  I asked Piper this morning if she was ready to go home.  She responded by signing “doggy” over and over again.  I think she missed them, too!


We got this cool tube to crawl through (well, for the moment, a cool tube to lay in) last week.  She hasn’t had a chance to try it out until today.  She loved it!  She really thought it was funny.  But she was so enthralled with being in something, that she kept wanting to look at the ceiling, instead of staying on her tummy to crawl.  


It was a good day for our friend Jace, too—he got to go home after his heart surgery on Wednesday.  Way to go, Zippy!  Jace’s mom suggested that there’s some kind of solidarity between the two, and that’s why they had surgery in the same week.  I can’t say I approve.  And if that’s the way it’s gonna be, we’re gonna to have to coordinate our schedules from here on out. 

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers this weekend!  We’re truly touched by all the support—she sure is a loved little peanut!


  1. I think your dog really missed you Piper. Happy you are home:)

  2. So glad she is doing better and is home! We will pray that the germs stay away and she can stay healthy.

  3. We have been keeping you in our prayers! We are so glad you are home and that Piper is doing well! I finally posted a new entry to our BLOG today. We will keep Piper in our prayers as her recovery continues. God bless!

  4. Welcome home, SweetiePeep! We're under house arrest and germie quarantine for a couple weeks, too...we'll be thinking of you and hoping you're feeling a little better every day...