Tuesday, February 9, 2010

86-ing the 6’s

Miss Becky has shared a lot of her little girl’s clothes with Piper.  I was really excited to use some of them this winter, but I knew there was no faking 3-6 month clothes.  I was looking in her closet today, and wondered if maybe, just maybe, some of the clothes would be close enough. 


I love these little pink pants.  Lined corduroy.  They’d be so nice and warm and soft for her!

From the side?  Not so bad…


But from the back?

I’m pretty sure she could have about 3 or 4 of her little bottoms in there.  They stay up only by the stiffness of the legs.

I love this little skirt, too.  My sister-in-law gave it to us for our baby shower last year (I’m sure with the anticipation of her wearing it this fall).  I have some really cute tights from Gymboree (oh, how I spend too much at that store) that would look so cute under this. 



I love her face here.  Can’t stop laughing.  She totally knows that her pants fell off…  and she’s wondering why I find it so funny and why I’m not fixing it.

I think it’s safe to say we are comfortably, and undeniably, in 3 month clothes still. 

If only we all are anxiously waiting to wear the next bigger size, huh?


  1. LOL, I can't stop laughing at Piper's little face wondering, "What's going on here??"

  2. My first daughter was just like this! I practically celebrated when we moved to a bigger size- lol. She'll get there. She's standing so good!!

  3. I spend too much at that store too and my addiction with finding 4 of the same cute something is so bad! Aubrey moved into 3-6 month clothes this fall after her birthday and is still wearing them. At least she is getting good wear out of everything!