Thursday, February 4, 2010

Conversations with monsters

I was always a mini-person, just like Piper.  So my mom has lots of good ideas for altering the way some games are played to make them more munchkin-friendly. 

Like taking the cushions off the couch to make the height more Piper-esque.

She was kept company by her creepy monster—he was such a fun thing to look at!

P1030171She counted his feet, and wondered if she was going to grow another pair.

P1030170She then continued to inspect his eyes.  (This is one of Piper’s favorite body parts right now—she usually prefers our mouths, so long as they’re moving, we do okay.  But this picture makes me very grateful for our laid-back dogs…  Poor poked-in-the-eyes-hair-pulled-out-and-spat-at dogs…) 

P1030157She even shared her deepest, darkest secrets with the monster.  I’m sure they were centered around dinner, types of dinner, favorite ways to eat dinner, and complaining about the times when she has to wait a whole FIVE MINUTES for dinner…


SO, surgery tomorrow isn’t scheduled until 11, so we don’t have to be there until 9.  She’s allowed breast milk until 7 (if she was formula fed, she wouldn’t be able to eat past 5… wahoo!), so hopefully she’ll be able to make it until 11 without getting too grumpy.  It shouldn’t be a big deal—by the time we hand her over, we’ll have about enough time to eat lunch before she’s done.  We had a serious discussion with her today that she was not, under any circumstances, allowed to misbehave.  We should be home Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon.  There’s wireless everywhere (that’s the only thing I know about the hospital—I still haven’t been able to even find a map of the other floors,  much less pictures of any kind—I guess it’s been my lesson in relinquishing control…), so I’ll let everyone know when we’re all done.  Just say a quick prayer that everything goes smoothly—I almost feel guilty asking, knowing there are so many more significant and serious things going on right now (like Mr. Jace, who is doing fabulously, by the way), but we appreciate it either way.

Hopefully all the monsters will stay away at the hospital!


  1. I like your monster Piper. I will be thinking about you in the hospital. Be good Ok?

  2. Praying for a smoooth hospital stint. I can't get over Piper's standing skills. That is seriously awesome. Max is just barely realizing it isn't so bad having his feet touch the floor!

  3. Will be thinking about Piper and praying for her tomorrow..
    And by the way, look at all this hair she's getting!

  4. Good luck in surgery we will be praying for you are OH SO CUTE!!!
    (We found you through our buddy LC).

  5. You will all be in our prayers. Hospital stays are never fun but the monster looks like her could add some smiles.
    Jill & Bailey