Saturday, February 27, 2010

Benefits of having an 11 pound 9 month old

Piper’s had a really difficult time putting on weight this month.  I weighed her the other day (still not sure if purchasing a baby scale was a good thing or a bad thing); she’s down to about 11 lbs 4 oz…  On the upside, at least we don’t have a doctor visit too soon, so we can’t get into trouble just yet.

Another upside?  She can still travel, comfortably (for both her and me, with a toy, and on top of blankets) in the laundry basket.


This way, I can have my very own wrangler of hangers.  Those hangers can be tricky; everyone needs a hanger wrangler to keep them in line.  Or make a horrid mess.

Let me just say—trying to get her out of there was a little bit of an adventure when my hanger wrangler turned hanger tangler… 


  1. How cute you are in the laundry basket Piper.

  2. Max would spit up all over my clean clothes - no laundry basket for him!