Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drama in Dining

Piper’s been on solid foods for about a month now.  And doing great!  She had a little of a set back while she was recovering from surgery, but I can’t blame her too much there.  It seems like she’s back now—phew!

So far, she approves of pumpkin (definitely a favorite), prunes (really???), carrots, avocado, and pears.  She’ll even eat all these straight, without the cereal.  Yeah!

She helped Dad cook dinner last night.  He made lime-cilantro chicken- no, she didn’t get to help with the chicken, but she did get to play with the cilantro.  It’s kind of funny- she loves cilantro.  I showed it to her once at the grocery store and let her smell it.  She was enthralled!

She also got a tray full of Cheerios to play with.  I’m not sure that I could handle the combination of cilantro and Cheerios, but she didn’t seem to mind.  We even caught her doing a perfect pincer a few times.  And she fed them to herself, too.  Not that she’d swallow, but she did get them to her mouth.  She thought she was pretty funny banging on the tray and listening to them bounce around. 



She even offered some of her baby spit-soaked and sticky treats to us.  I respectfully declined.

Cheerios and cilantro she’ll eat.

Peas?  Absolutely not. 


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  1. AWESOME variety! Keep it up Piper! (Aubrey has turned her nose up at straight peas and green beans lately too-keep trying though)