Friday, February 19, 2010

Embarrassing Admission



I feel like I can now admit this.  To the world…  oye.  Some people have asked, so it’s time for me to come clean.

Besides, it doesn’t work any more, so if you see us, you don’t have to wonder.

Bows.  Hair bows.  Every little girl needs hair thingies.  But what’s a girl to do when she…  well, has no hair to put things in?  For months???

Piper had hair bows to coordinate with all her outfits.  They’re cheap (we just bought the cheapy ribbon when it was on sale for 3 rolls for $1), so she had lots of colors.  And the best part?  If you could get them to stick, they’d stay until bath time.





Our “glue” is water-soluble, so all it takes is  a quick dunk under water and it’s gone.  It’s non-toxic.  And it’s easy to find.

But difficult to buy.

Suffice it to say that you’re “safe” if you come to our house and see a bottle of KY Jelly out on the table.  It’s for the baby.  Really.  I promise.

You can imagine my embarrassment when the pastor from our church came to visit.  Or Becky, our therapist.  Aunts, Uncles, and friends also were regular visitors.  Our tube of KY?  Inevitably out on the coffee table. 

I’d always take the tube with us in the car, in case we needed to reapply.  I got really good at making sure the tube was turned upside down, especially when we were in the parking lot at church. 

I also got really good at telling the story and offering an explanation.  Hopefully convincingly. 

That time has passed, however, because (I think) she has more hair than the KY can stick.  I haven’t been able to get a bow to stick for a while (although I’m not convinced it’s because of the extra warmth requirements now, like hoods, blankets, etc).

And for those of you who are interested, yes—name brand does make a difference.

KY is made by Johnson & Johnson- I’m considering petitioning them to make it in a baby/mommy-friendly packaging to make those trips out slightly less embarrassing.  I think they could make a fortune.

…and I’ll also tell you, from experience, that it works wonders for fly-aways on everyone else.  Particularly for pictures, where you can see them.  If the world only knew… 


  1. haha.. that is funny! Thanks for sharing!! Our dietician told us to carry around some just in case Beau's g-tube comes out, it is easy to get it back in with a bit of the KY!

  2. I wanna hear the story your pastor is telling eveyone else!

  3. LC was a little fuzzier than Miss P. and we used Karo corn syrup...that might be dense enough to stick through the she'll be especially popular with the puppies.