Sunday, April 15, 2012

We <heart> our buddies!

I absolutely love getting together with Piper’s little buddies.  And when those buddies also sport that extra chromosome, it makes it even more special!

We met up with Sawyer from Wyoming and Claire from eastern Colorado for a play date in the park.  Sawyer was born the day after Piper, and Claire is about 8 months younger. 

The girls ate lunch, ran, played, swung, went down the slide, ran some more…  It could NOT have been more fun!

And because we had to document our get together with pictures, we attempted.

By “attempted” I mean we sat the girls down in a place where they couldn’t easily escape and tried to get them to look at the camera at the same time.  Getting them to look at the camera smiling at the same time did NOT happen.  But, good grief, how cute are they???  I couldn’t choose just a few pictures- they were just too sweet!

They were definitely cute…April10

Playing pattycake:April7

Giving lots of love…April8

…aaaaand then they got antsy.  They were outta there!April9

Thanks for meeting up with us, girls!  We had a ball- let’s do it again sometime!


  1. We definitely have to get the girls together again soon!