Sunday, April 1, 2012

Riding Bikes

Piper wanted to take her “bike” for a ride the other day, so we took a couple outside so she could decide which one she wanted to ride.  P1130694

She picked, and off she went.P1130689


In true Adalynn form, she insisted on doing it, too.  So, to satiate her (because, really, when you’re 10 months old, you don’t really want to ride a bike…) I sat her on the seat and waited for her to sign “all done” from the boredom.  P1130699


I did not anticipate her doing it.P1130690

If she leaned as far forward as she could, she could actually get just enough grip on the ground with her tippy toes to move the trike.  And off she went- down the sidewalk. 

Only problem was that, since she was leaning as far forward as she possibly good, her little bottom kept inching further and further off the back of the seat.  P1130691

She wasn’t in the mood to stop, so she maintained this posture for a few minutes.  And chased Piper.1P1130687

And then she plopped off the back of the bike, very proud of where she’d gone.  Girl likes to move

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