Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt, the Second

There’s a high school here in town that puts on a Halloween party and an Easter Egg hunt and invites all the kids through Mile High DSA to come.  I was so excited to take the girls this year!  Last year, Piper was really sick, and they happened to not do it the year before, so this was the first time we got to do it!

Piper liked to find her eggs and candy and put them in the basket.  And once the candy was all gone, she found herself a cute little boy that she would have put into a basket, too.  I finally figured out that she was so infatuated with the little guy (he was cute- like seriously) because he had an Elmo on his sweater.  High standards this little munchkin has…


Addy didn’t quite understand the “hunting” part.  Although she was pretty good at emptying Piper’s basket.  The finding-easily-accessible-and-shiny-candy part she had down pat

Neither girl was too keen, however, on waiting for us to open the candy wrappers.  And since neither child has perfected the fine motor skills required for such a task, suffice it to say that they didn’t eat nearly as much as they would have liked…  But they sure tried!


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