Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anything you can do…

Addy has failed the lesson in “you are more than welcome to do things that are age appropriate.”  Instead, her motto is “anything Piper can do, I, of course, can do, too.”

My most recent venture into the world of scare-my-pants-off was today at the park.  I took the girls for a walk in the stroller and decided to take a detour to the park on the way home.  I let Piper out, then sat Addy on the grass next to me.  I figured she’d explore some, and we could go and see Piper when she got bored. 

Addy sat on the grass with me.  For 2.3 seconds.  At which point she crawled herself off of the grass and toward the playground.  It’s a good one foot drop from the sidewalk into the bark, but it didn’t phase her.  She scooted herself backward off the step and high-tailed it toward the equipment.

At this point, I told myself “Aw, isn’t she cute?  She’s trying to catch up to Piper…”113_PANA1

What I should have been telling myself was “Oh good Lord, I should stop her!”

Sure enough, the little pipsqueak climbed her way up to the top and chased Piper across the top.  April1

Then she found the slide.  She’d watched Piper do her signature start-and-then-flip-to-belly maneuver and I swear I could hear her say “that’s not so tough- I can do that!”  Thankfully, I was with her the whole time and prevented her from plummeting down the curly slide.  No pictures of that as, in order to save the life of the little dare devil, we were both on our way down the curly slide…

Adalynn thoroughly enjoyed herself.  That much is obvious.  But I think Piper enjoyed having Addy play with her just about as much.  You can see in some of the pictures Piper was saying “C’mon, Addy- do it like this!” (which makes me think of the “walk like this” line from all of the Mel Brooks’ movies…  Don’t judge…)  I don’t think she could believe that Addy was up top with her!  She even showed off her smooth dance moves and got Addy to dance along with her.

P1140017     P1140021

Yup, a good time was had by all.  Well, “all” meaning anyone under 3’ tall.  Me?  I had about 42 panic attacks in the 42 minutes we were at the park.  I’m sure I’ll be turning prematurely gray any day now…



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