Monday, December 6, 2010

Now, now- don’t judge…

I had every intention of getting our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving this year.  Mostly because I couldn’t wait to see what Piper thought of it.

But the more I thought, the more I liked the idea of getting the carpets cleaned first.  My poor husband.  So, Friday after Thanksgiving was spent cleaning carpets.  After Thursday night was spent washing the dogs first.  Did I say “my poor husband” yet?  And then, because we didn’t plan so well and we couldn’t clean the bedroom until the living room was dry because of the furniture chaos, Saturday was also spent cleaning carpets.  I didn’t feel like I could abuse Luke any more at that point, so no tree on Sunday. 

We talked my brother into coming up and helping move furniture, and hauling the ridiculously heavy tree up from the crawl space last weekend.  So the tree’s been, in the box, waiting, since Saturday last week. 

It finally got erected yesterday.  I didn’t bother with the ornaments until today.  So we’re, like, what?  A full week and a half later than I promised myself it’d get done? 

Anyway, Piper and I put ornaments on the tree today.  It was an…  educational?…  adventure, for sure.  She would have liked to “help” with the ornaments more, but she got stuck with the non-breakable genre. 




P1090048(Piper’s very caring and ensures that the dogs don’t feel left out of the festivities- unfortunately, she doesn’t quite understand that putting up mysterious objects that should be reserved for outdoors scares the dogs to the very core of their beings and would rather not be involved in such an event.  I’m sure that the development of a new walker in the house doesn’t particularly help their feeling of security…)

And boxes.

She liked the boxes.

PS- The shirt bring up any memories?  You know, of this???


Yes, folks- it’s the same shirt (the same 3 month shirt) from last year.  Although it actually fits this year.  And she doesn’t wear a t-shirt underneath.  Yyyyyeah…  My thoughts exactly…


  1. I'm still a little jealous that she actually has a chance of wearing out her clothes.

  2. So much fun!!! We're way behind too! I can only tell you that it doesn't really get any better...the more kids...the more delay in everything.

  3. Sweet! Love that she can get some use out of those clothes.