Monday, December 13, 2010

How long does it take…

…to not be startled to see your kid walking into the kitchen by herself?

I was making dinner tonight and Piper was quarantined to the living room (I was making stir-fry and didn’t want her to get splattered).  I looked up, and there’s this little teetering ball of mischief coming at me.

This wasn’t from right then, but did you know that it’s really fun to carry around a big giant balloon?  Must mean you’re really strong to carry something that big…

P1090088This was a balance-check- can you see the backward tilt?  She’s getting really good at catching herself before she falls.  My kid?  Not wanting to fall???  SHOCKING.

P1090087Dogs make the perfect obstacle course.  Tongues included, of course…

Piper’s walking pretty much everywhere.  Her distance isn’t fantastic (she can go about 12 feet), but if she’s standing at a surface, she’ll always take off walking and finish with crawling after she falls.  She hasn’t figured out how to get into standing on her own just yet; I have a feeling that once she figures that one out, she’ll really be on the go.

The downside to all this?  Bumps, bruises…

…and an ornery explosion. 

All in the name of therapeutic fun, right???


  1. uh, oh! now you're in trouble. :) can piper come over and teach rachel now?

  2. That is so wonderful! You are definitely in trouble! I can't wait to experience that at our house one day!

  3. That is so awesome!!!! I can't wait for Max to walk.