Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brother? Or Sister???

We get to find out on Wednesday if Piper is going to have  a baby brother or a baby sister.

I really can’t decide which I think it is, so it’ll be fun to see either way.  They say that pregnancies feel different based on the sex, but I’ve also heard that, since your hormones are off with a Ds pregnancy, it feels different just based on that.  So I don’t get much help there. 

We keep asking Piper which she thinks it is, and, frankly, her answers have been less than illuminating.  So, tonight, in a desperate attempt to get a more definitive answer, I robbed the paint chip aisle at Lowe’s.  Luke got mad at me as I snagged every pink and blue one I could find while the paint lady stood just a few feet away.  I felt naughty, but that’s besides the point (this was after I robbed the table full of boxes at Dick’s this afternoon, too- but I DID buy something there.  I just won’t admit that it was a whopping $3…).

So, without further ado, Piper’s answer!

P1090111(I was secretly saying “woohoo!!!” at this point.  Of course, this could not possibly be related to the fact that the kid chooses pink over ANYTHING 90% of the time…)

Luke We decided to do a “best two out of three”.  Here’s #2.

Tee hee.P1090124


But- then, out of nowhere, she hightails it to the blue side.  Mysterious choice?  The real choice?  I was beginning to think that maybe this was divine intervention of some sort.P1090115


But wait!  What’s that I see???brother

…I feel a conspiracy brewing…

For the record- neither Luke nor I really care if it’s a boy or girl- I just keep reminding Luke that, if it is a boy, it means I get to start shopping again.  I think he’s okay with that…


  1. I can't wait for you guys to find out!! How exciting! Have you been more nervous or anxious at all during this pregnancy? I'm still so nervous whenever we get pregnant again that I will be so nervous the whole time that something will go wrong.

  2. Not sure if it is any help or just adds to the mystery for a couple more days...but all my pregnancies were about the same (4 girls)! I would have put money on Aubrey being a girl if we hadn't known:) I don't think the Ds made any difference.

    This one kind of feels like a boy to me, but it could just be the fact that I NEVER get to nap and am SO much more busy with this pregnancy than I was with the hard to say. We have one more ultrasound and I am kind of hoping they can still tell this late in the game (I want to shop for a boy:).

  3. LOL...Those paint chip strips are one of LC's FAVORITE toys. I literally go back to Wal-Mart once a month to restock our supply. She loves to put them in an empty kleenex box and take them back out again...and also scatter them throughout God's creation...

    I can't WAIT to hear which will be joining the crew and I'm sure Piper will be a brilliant big sister, either way.

  4. I used to 'steal' tons of paint chips from Home Depot to make a matching game for Piper when she was learning her colors. She loved them.

  5. I love the other comments about uses for paint chips!

    I can't wait to find out what you will be having! And I am guessing that you will have to do some shopping pretty soon either way since Piper is still in such small clothes. This other one is going to outpace her pretty quickly.

    Congrats again on the pregnancy and I hope yours is going smoothly!

  6. Can't wait to find out! I think it's a girl but I am not usually right about these things so then maybe it is a boy????

  7. Too cute although a little sabotaged! Can't wait to hear what he/she is!

  8. how are hormones different when you are carrying a child with Ds? i was sick as a dog the first trimester.