Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MHDSA Christmas Party!

Saturday we got to celebrate the Christmas season in a room full of our chromosomally-enhanced little buddies. 

To say that we were surrounded by cute doesn’t even begin to describe the level of adorableness we had in store.  We had SO much fun watching all the little kids (although next year I think we’re going to try to score the closest-table-to-Santa seats- those people were GENIUS)!

We met several families that live REALLY close to us, which I’m super excited about.  Woohoo!

Piper posed in front of the tree, which was convenient because of all the “Aaawes” she got from the people around.  And we all know how well that works for my kid <<insert ughs and groans here>>. 


P1090025This is, for the record, her “Whowhat?  You think I’m cute???” face.  She has it perfected, I tell ya.

And then it was time for The Big Guy. 

He proved his maneuverability prowess when he went from the fish tank (we were at the aquarium, for the record, and he’s in a scuba suit- creepy?  Kinda…):P1090019 

…to the dining room in the time it took us to walk there.  Maybe he could teach me to do that- it’d sure come in handy some days…P1090015

It must mean that he was the real deal!

The whole day was worth it for the fun involved, granted.  But it was REALLY worth it when I got this in my email last night:

So, so perfect.