Friday, December 17, 2010

Best OT Session EVER

At least Becky and I had our fair share of laughs.

And Piper definitely enjoyed herself.

It was our “fun day of play before Christmas” session.  Becky brought, get this, frosting and pretzel sticks.  You know, for those fine motor activities. 

We put frosting on the end of the pretzel stick and made her stick her puffs on the end.  And then she could take the puff off to eat it.  Piper, being my child that always finds the path of least resistance (in other words, she’s stubborn), thought it would be far more efficient to forgo the pretzel (and puff) and use her fingers, but I digress.

We used spaghetti noodles and puffs for reverse “beading” (the best way I can describe it)- she holds onto the noodle, we thread a puff, and she has to take the puff off with the other hand.  Again, she did this several times and then realized it would be more convenient to break the noodles and spill the puff off the end.  Stinker.

By the end, she was vowing never to eat anything again unless it was covered in frosting.  She was also in desperate need of a bath.







  1. I want to participate in that OT session!

    Piper is as adorable as ever!!!!

  2. Your therapists are way cooler than ours ;)